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Terre del Noce

means “lands of the Noce river”.

The Noce River rises in at around 3,300 m asl, in the Ortles-Cevedale mountain range, and flows all the way down the valley in a continuing alternation of rapids and slower currents until it reaches the Piana Rotaliana in the most northern area of Trentino, very close to the borders with Austria and Germany.
The lands were formed by the course of this river, which would once overflow onto the terrains, covering them with water and mud to gradually form alluvial deposits. These deposits then became stratified and produced very fertile soils, ideal for growing  healthy and fragrant vines.

The Pergola trellised vineyards line the banks of the River Noce where Terre del Noce wines are produced.
As well as being a natural source of water, the river lends natural attributes to the vines forming alluvial deposits to the soil that are useful for draining the land.


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