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These lands, “Terre”,

present a unique and favourable microclimate closely linked to the presence of alpine peaks that rise up around them, providing protection from air humidity and gusts of northern winds as well as mitigating the temperatures.
Here the grapes are manually harvested to ensure that only the best fruits are sent to the winery where they are vinified by expert winemakers using state-of-the-art facilities.
Terre del Noce wines embrace the intense colours and aromas of the Dolomite mountains. Their taste is reminiscent of wild and pure nature, mouth-watering and fresh like a mountain spring.


The Dolomites, surrounding these “Terre”, have a natural affinity to quality grape production.
At 3,000 feet above sea level, the mountains seem to wrap themselves around the carefully planted vineyards, offering protection from the elements and reflecting the Alpine sunshine back to the vines. These magical elements yield naturally healthy fresh grapes.
During the harvest, great care is taken to ensure only the best fruit is sent to the winery, everything is hand picked, then only the best first press juice is used.
Our state of the art winery is adequately placed to do justice to our natural environment, to ensure we make the best use of our excellent grapes which is reflected in the fresh, crisp, citrussy character of our wine.


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